Friday, February 27, 2015

Jason got the old door ripped out. I had never been so happy to throw something out!

We started inspecting the flooring, and we realized the rot had spread under this wall.

Now, you can see the floor, and just how OLD and dingy it was (minus the mud tracks from the dogs). I was never a fan of this wall, it was a wall to divide the fining room from the kitchen. The dog crates sat on it which you can see how gross the wall was from then sleeping there.

Jason had to cut 2-10's and sister them to the existing rotting joists. I didnt get good pictures of this, but basically, they're 30 inches long, and we had to put 8 of them in. 

We ran into another problem - the old wood has shrunk, and we were using new wood. The new joists were too wide to fit where they needed to!
We ended up having to rip each joist to 8 inches, then use the level and screw them in that way. It seriously took us about 4 hours!

One joist went under a cabinet, so we had to make it 3 wide so we could screw the plywood to it.
We also put in cross braces where the new door would go.

At this point, we called Billy who was to come help after work, only to find out he was sick and in bed. Looks like we're hitting up youtube!

We had previously discussed just taking the wall down, but Jason wasn't a fan, so we decided it would stay.
Now, though, with the rot going under it, too, it had to be removed. YAY, ME!
I determined it wasn't load bearing, (thanks youtube) and told Jason it could go safely, so he took it out.

When the joists were all repaired, Jason went to put the plywood in, and we realized the subfloor was not the standard 1/2 inch, but DOUBLED 5/8ths subfloor.
The dining room did not have double subfloor, so we were going to use a reducer there, and just have a step between the 2 rooms.

We had to make another trip to Home Depot and buy different plywood.

At this point, we're onto day 2, which also happened to be the coldest day of the winter, and our door was still not up. Thankfully, the plastic kept us warm!
While I wait to finish up the rest of the kitchen reno, I should probably talk about the flooring.

I spent weeks visiting flooring stores, looking for the perfect flooring. I went back and forth between different types.

Ceramic/Porcelain! Durable. Cheap. Pain in the ass to install. Can break my dishes. Can crack.

Slate. Beautiful! Durable. Hides stains and pet traffic. Pain in the ass to install. 

LVT! Seemed perfect. Easy to install. Extremely durable. The problem, I couldn't find a color/style I just LOVED.

Then we had laminate, which would be perfect except we'd have to be super careful in the kitchen with spills, and when we decided to do the rest of the downstairs, we'd have to hope we could match it up.

Weeks after searching, we decided on slate. It was a battle, and we had a hard time coming to the decision.

Then, we got to the flooring store, and changed our minds all together and went porcelain. 
We decided on this tiles.

Now, in the store, I LOVED these tiles. Once we got them home, not so much. I tried for 2 days to talk Jason into returning them, which was easy for ME because HE had to do all the heavy lifting.
On day 3, he caved and returned the tiles.

A few hours later, we decided it was time to be adults, and went with wood.

Since we didn't want to worry about matching it up later, there's currently 700 SF of this sitting in my garage! We will do the entire downstairs, and leave the carpet upstairs since the dogs arent allowed up there, anyway.
I should probably use this more often!

About a year ago, we realized the floor under our door was rotting from where rain had been coming in. We put a piece of board over it, and pretty much ignored it.

This year, we decided it was going to have to be fixed. The joists under the plywood also were rotting.

During Jonas' birthday, I asked for advice from our favorite construction family member, and he told me what exactly we needed to do and that I could call him when we were doing it, and he'd stop by after work.

Jason and I went back and forth for a bit over whether we wanted another French Door, or a sliding glass door.
He wanted a French Door. I wanted sliding, because the french doors require so much clearance in order to open them, and I didn't like the wasted space.
In the end, we went with a sliding glass door for the space issue.

We went to Home Depot, and got what we needed. Doors, wood, screws, about $600 worth of repair materials.

Please keep in mind this flooring was about 25 years old, and no matter how much cleaning one did, it always looked dirty! This is where we started, and where I'll end this post.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I decided I wanted to make quilts for family members, though I've never made one before in my life.

I mention to husband that my sewing machine sucks, so it won't happen. He insisted I buy a new one, so of course I didn't argue, ha!

The next night, my very first quilt was done :) I used the tutorial from and it was done in no time!

I'm already almost done with my second.

My sons room is not tiny but it's not huge. it's around 12x12, but once you throw in a reading spot, train table, dressers, toy box, etc - there is no room left to play!

We decided he needed a loft bed, which would give him full use of the space underneath his bed.

Of course, because I am not a normal person who can go to a normal store and buy a normal bed, we decided to make one!

We decided on this one. 

I spent 2 nights re-figuring the wood we needed because I wanted it taller, and without the stairs. I went to Lowes (alone) and got the wood selected, but ran into trouble with a supreme douche-bag who didn't want to cut it.  It was such an awful experience that I ended up complaining before I left, and then ended up with half the wood for free. I can live with that.

The husband built the bed, then we took it apart, moved it upstairs and re-assembled and painted it.

We repainted his walls, and I fell in love with an argyle fabric I had found. I used the fabric and made him some curtains, and a few pillows for a reading spot I was making, inspired by this post.  I used some old shelves I already had, a crib mattress from a friend, and his reading spot was done for completely free.

I also had some old baseboard from an old project, so I used it to frame a portion of his wall, and painted the inside with chalkboard paint.

All done, we spent about $70 on the room make over. He's happy, the husband is happy, and it was so cheap that I'm happy :)

Friday, October 18, 2013

So, I started this blog a few years ago, and like pretty much everything in my life, I never followed through.
Until today, when I decided it might be nice to record the things I attempt (and sometimes, succeed) to make.

Let's see how long I stick with it :)